Sur l’Ultra Tour 160 km et le Tour du Moudang les inscriptions sont encore ouvertes

Grand Raid des Pyrénées Rendez vous du 24 au 28 août 2022

2018 Tour of the Circuses

Changes for 2018

From Luz Saint Sauveur, return to Merlans via the Glère refuge, then Tournaboup and the Aygues Cluses hut

Warning: the course has many parts on mountain trail where it is not easy to run


Thursday, August 23

14:00 – 18:00: Removal of bibs and verification of Tour des Cirques bags – Village partners

17:00 – 20:00: Removal of assistance bags from the Circus Tour (Préau Ecole)

18:00: Circus Tour Briefing

18:30 – 20:30: Pasta Party

Friday, August 24

07:30: shuttle buses for the start of the Circus Tour from Vielle-Aure

09:00: departure of the Circus Tour from the center of Piau Engaly

Saturday, August 25

02:00: arrival of the first Cirques Tour in the center of Vielle Aure

20:00: Return of the bags base life Tour des Cirques

All day and all night: arrivals of the Tour des Cirques riders in the center of Vielle Aure

Sunday, August 26

01:00: Arrival of the latest Finishers Tour des Cirques

10:00: End of recovery of the bags base-life

10:00 – 12:00: Award ceremony (Place de Vielle-Aure)

12:15: Closing buffet of the Grand Raid of the Pyrenees in the presence of all the partners and volunteers

Supply composition

In Piau, Gèdre (round trip), Tournaboup, Merlans restaurant: oranges, bananas, bread, cheese, ham, salami, dried fruit, salted cakes, cakes, chocolate in tablet, still water, sparkling water, coke, tea , coffee and soup

In Gavarnie and Luz Saint Sauveur: same as above, pasta and compotes in addition

At the refuge of Espuguettes, and the Glère, at the cabin of Aygues Cluses: sausage, dried fruits, salty cakes, cakes, still water, soup.

At Lac des Gloriettes and the Sardiche hut: water only

It is not possible to sleep in the refuges mentioned above. It is possible to sleep in Gèdre, Luz, Merlans.
Mandatory material

The list is as follows

– Personal cup for drinking liquids (water, coca and soup) at the refreshments

– Minimum water reserve 1.5 liters

– food reserve

– two lamps in good working order with spare batteries

– survival blanket (minimum 2 m²)

– Whistle

– adhesive elastic band allowing bandaging or strapping

– waterproof and breathable jacket, membrane or coating type (jacket type KWAY or poncho not accepted)

– pants or long tights or corsair with socks up (this solution is accepted only if the legs can be fully covered)

– cap or equivalent

– long sleeve warm clothing, serving as a second layer between the t-shirt and the waterproof and breathable jacket (eg fleece or other warm technical clothing) (*)

– gloves completely covering the hands (mittens accepted) (*)

(*): The organization may decide before the start of the race to make this equipment recommended and no longer mandatory (typically based on weather forecasts). The announcement will be made at the time of the race briefing


The start will be given Friday, August 24 at 9 am from the ski resort of Piau-Engaly. We start with a small loop at the top of the station to admire the Cirque de Barroude and to spread the peloton. After crossing the Port of Campbiel you can see the Vignemale and join Gèdre. A dry climb leads in front of the Cirque de Troumouse then we enter the wild Cirque d’Estaubé. The Hourquette d’Alans allows you to switch to the Cirque de Gavarnie where you can join, at the bottom, the foot of the Grande Cascade.

From the village of Gavarnie, a section alternating climbs and descents in summer and then forests makes us join Gèdre again then Saint Sauveur where we find the course of the Ultra and the base life of Luz. We then climb long above Luz to the refuge Glère before easily reach Tournaboup. A last long climb via the hut of Aygues Cluses allows to cross the Col de Barèges then to join the Col de Portet which brings back to Vielle Aure

The best could take less than 18 hours while the time barrier is set so that the last ones finish in 40 hours

The file of the kilometers and height differences is HERE.
The course is viewable HERE. The GPX or Google Earth version of the course can be downloaded at the same place.
The Google Earth version of the course is downloadable HERE