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Grand Raid des Pyrénées 18 au 22 août 2021

WARNING ! news July 10

The "Health Pass" or 1 PCR test of less than 48 hours will be required when the bibs are handed over and to access the end of race buffet.

PCR test stand :
Following the decree published on July 1, a stand will be held in the Salle du Trésor Public in Vielle Aure on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and friday in the afternoon. The results will be given to the runners the next day. The test is charged 45 euros 

In order to anticipate a request from the authorities for a staggered departure, we must be ready to organize it. In this case, the fastest would start first in order to widen the gap and so on. To do this, we ask each registrant to complete their registration file by completing the new "Estimated time" field. The deadline is June 26, 2021. Those who have not filled in this field will be assigned a departure order after those who have filled it in

Currently nearly 1000 runners have not yet provided their medical certificate of authorization to race in competition or, non-compliant, it has been rejected.

To check the status of your CM just follow this link: https://www.inktape.net/grp_2021/registrations-list

Reminder of the race rules:
Runners whose medical certificate has not been downloaded at the end of May will receive a message in early June reminding them to download it before the deadline. After the deadline of July 13,  it will no longer be possible to download it. The registration will be cancelled without refund, unless duly justified by an email sent to the Organization.

Health Pass
As it is written in the document that each runner has validated during his registration entitled "COVID-19 terms planned for the 2021 edition", we will comply with the Authorities requirements that will be imposed on us. If a "sanitary pass" is required we will not be able to avoid it, in this case, the runers who will not be in possession of this document will not be able to collect their bib, their registration will be cancelled and they will not be able to claim any refund. We will not consider any claims in this regard.

End of race buffet : "sanitary pass" is required
If we have to cancel it, the runners who booked it and paid for it will be refunded.

 questions ?   contact@grandraidpyrenees.com

Edition GRP 2021

The Grand Raid des Pyrénées 2021 consists of 7 versions

 And again this year : Le P’tit Tour for children (on Friday) 

Places to “go see” the racers by car

Teaser 2021

Come run in the Pyrenees

The film of the 2019 edition

The races of the 2021 edition

the "road book" of each race can be found in the description of the course under the tab GRP2021

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Summer 2020 – Come in the footsteps of the GRP

For runners who will come in August to the Aure Valley with the family, here are some hiking or walking trails in the footsteps of the GRP

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For runners who were registered with ULTRA

Here is the route with its refuges and shelters


WINTER : Pic du Midi

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