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Grand Raid des Pyrénées See you in August 2024 from 21 to 25

Forscast COVID-19

Forecast of the measures to be implemented for the 2021 edition of the GRP



This supplement to the race rules is based on a situation equivalent to that of summer 2020 and will be adapted according to the evolution of the COVID situation and according to the health requirements imposed by the Authorities.


  • Volunteers will be present to remind all health rules.
  • One-way circuits will be indicated for each zone.
  • The mask will be mandatory for all runners, companions and volunteers.
  • The barrier gestures will have to be scrupulously respected.
  • Post Managers will be empowered to remove a runner from the race if they do not follow the safety rules.
  • There will be no pasta party and no closing buffet.

After having read this additional regulation, runners who have requested the postponement of their 2020 registration can request the refund before the opening of the registration of the 2021 edition


The race-bibs will be handed over to the riders. A temperature check will be made at the entrance of the tent. In case of temperature the rider will not be admitted inside the tent and his bib does not give him.

For any questions: contact@grandraidpyrenees.com


Given the current lack of visibility on the evolution of the situation, we are moving towards a change in the staffing usually assigned to each participant. We will specify the allocation and recovery procedures.


The wearing of the cloth mask will be mandatory systematically and everywhere in the village, as well as in the Waiting Area before the start, in the Finish Zone at the end of the race and in all Feeding Zones.

Otherwise the rider will be disqualified without being able to claim any refund.

Depending on the authorities guidelines, the start of the races can be arranged, for example: starts against the clock, waves, etc.

In this case, the time barriers will be set up. Runners will have to comply with the health requirements prescribed by the authorities and, in addition, runners with fever and symptoms of Covid will not have to start. Temperature checks at the entrance to the waiting area may be carried out.

On each feeding with medical personnel, they may be asked to take the temperature of the rider, to evaluate the symptoms and if suspicions to stop the riders.


The number of supplies and their nature may change depending on our ability to organize them in compliance with health rules.

When entering the supply zone, the rider will have to wear his mask until he gets out, clean his hands with the hydroalcoholic gel provided and respect the rules of physical distancing.

No escort will be allowed to enter the supply area (including life bases).

To avoid health risks and waste, the supply will be provided upon request by a volunteer who will serve him directly in a dedicated container or in his ecocup with respect for physical distancing. Bins will be made available for containers with an obligation to deposit them after use.

The riders will have to plan their «reserve of race food» accordingly. The “liquid” supply must not be subjected to any manipulation on the part of the riders. The service will be provided by the volunteers of the organization who will fill the individual containers with only water (can, camel-bag «water bag» or other gourds).

Runners will HAVE TO leave with an individual container whose opening will be large enough to be easily filled in cash by the volunteer.

At life bases and bed-equipped supply, the runner will be required to use a “meat bag” disposable provided by the organization so that the blankets are not in direct contact with the runner and the runner will be responsible for placing his “meat bag” in the dedicated trash.

It is possible that at times of affluence there is no bed for everyone. In this case we will propose a meat bag and a simple blanket, load the runner to lie down while respecting physical distancing

The beds will be positioned at the recommended distances.

In case of abandonment, the rider will have to get on the repatriation bus with the mask and keep it for the entire duration of the transport.


Only one escort will be allowed in the Personalized Assistance Areas and will not be allowed to enter the Supply Areas under any circumstances.

The escort must:

  • You must wear a mask and carry your own hydroalcoholic gel, which you must use before supplying your rider.
  • Have your runner's supplies in a bag until you give them to them.
  • Win this bag by leaving the personalized assistance areas with all its waste because there will not be a trash can available


The wearing of the mask will again be mandatory for all participants once the finish line is crossed, both in the Finish Zone and in the Materialised Zone (recovery of the “life base” bags).

The care of osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropodists will be maintained only if the constraints of the moment allow it. It will be the same for showers on arrival.

Runners must use the gel made available to them to respect the protocol of use of the sanitary


Access to the Departure Zone will be restricted to the public (the premises will be separated into a Public Zone and a Participating Zone).

The public will be required to wear a mask and follow physical distancing rules as per general instructions.

Access to the public will be prohibited in the Arrival Zone.


As required by the FFA protocol, only the first 3 men and women of each distance will be rewarded. They will have to go to the podium with their mask and use the hydroalcoholic gel at their disposal, both before receiving their reward and when descending from the podium.


In the case of cancellation of the race by Authorities decision the terms of reimbursement will be indicated on the website of the Grand Raid des Pyrénées according to the terms indicated in paragraph 22 of the race regulations.

https://www.grandraidpyrenees.com/   and on social networks.

Each registered runner will be informed individually.