Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is the date of next race ?A : From 22th to 25th August, 2019

Q : What is the date of the opening of registrations ?

A : Registrations will open on December, on 15th, 2018

Q : Is there a waiting list?

A : No, there is no waiting list

Q : Is it possible to take out cancellation insurance?

A : No, for injury or other serious cases, according to the rules that we refund in case of cancellation.

Q : Following a request for cancellation for medical reason, when will I get the re-imbursed ?

A : As per the regulations, we will answer to every request received before July 31st, in the two months following the race

Q : Is it possible to exchange his bib in case of injury or incapacity?

A : No, it is not possible to exchange his bib, you must make a request for cancellation (see below)

Q : How to cancel ?

A : You should send a request by mail with a medical certificate stating the reasons for the cancellation before July 15st 2019 at or a letter at :

Grand Raid des Pyrénées
63 rue Bellecombe
69006 LYON  –  FRANCE

Q : Is there a specific medical certificate ?

A : yes, foreign runners must use our model   – Non conform certificate will be rejected.

Q : How to transfer my medical certificate?

A : You must scan it then download it by clicking   HERE  it is also possible to send it by post mail to the address above

Q : How to verify that the medical certificate has been taken into account?

A : See the entry list column which indicates whether your certificate has been filed, and if it has been validated. (See above for the list)

Q : How to add a pasta-party, eco-cup or bus transfer for Tour of Circuses ?

A : You have to go on your GeoFp profile and add a command  HERE

Q : What if I had lost my ID and / or password ?

A : If you have lost your username and / or password, you can reapply  HERE

Q : Can a runner change its name, first name, username and email address in his profile GeoFP ?

A : No, these parameters are unique identifiers Profile. To change them, you must request  HERE

Q : What is the required equipment?

A : The list is as follows for the Ultra Tour, Tour of the Circuses and Tour of the Lakes :

  • Eco cup to drink fluids (water, coke and soup)
  • Minimum reserve of 1.5 liters water
  • Food reserve
  • Two lamps in good working condition with spare batteries
  • Blanket (minimum of 2 m²)
  • Whistle
  • Adhesive rubber band to make a bandage or straping
  • Waterproof and breathable jacket, membrane-type or coating (KWAY type or poncho are not accepted)
  • Long pants or tights or pirate with knee socks (This solution is accepted only if the legs can be fully covered)
  • Cap or equivalent
  • Warm long sleeved clothing, to be used as a second layer between the shirt and the waterproof and breathable jacket (for example fleece or other warm clothing technical) (*)
  • Gloves covering full hands (mittens accepted) (*)
    (*) : The organization may decide before the start of the race to make these recommended equipment as no longer required (typically based on weather forecasts). The announcement will be made when the race briefing.

A : The list is as follows for the Tour of Neouvielle and Tour de la Gela :

  • Eco cup to drink fluids (water, coke and soup)
  • Minimum reserve of 1 liters water
  • Food reserve
  • Blanket (minimum of 2 m²)
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof and breathable jacket, membrane-type or coating (KWAY type or poncho are not accepted)

A : The list is as follows for the Pyrénées Tour Trail :

  • Eco cup to drink fluids (water, coke and soup) at refreshments
  • 1 liter minimum water reserve 
  • food reserve fors
  • a lamp 
  • survival blanket (minimum 2 m²) for all stages
  • whistle for all stages
  • waterproof and breathable jacket, membrane type or coating (jacket type KWAY or poncho not accepted)

Q : How do I know if my jacket complies with the regulations ?

A : Please send us an email  HERE or visit your favorite store, who will certainly help you.

Q : What is there on the supplies ?

A : Merlans, La Mongie, Col de Sencours, Hautacam, Estaing, Gèdre, Gavarnie, Barèges, Orédon, Piau : oranges, bananas, bread, cheese, ham, salami, dried fruit, savory cakes, cakes, chocolate bars, plain water, sparkling water , cola, tea, coffee and soup
Same in Pierrefitte, Cauterets and Luz Saint Sauveur with pasta and sauces in addition.
At Refuge Espuguettes, Refuge Ilhéou, Refuge Estom, Refuge Baysellance, Refuge La GLère, Refuge de Campana only salami, dried fruit, savory cakes, cakes and soup.

Q : Is there a live tracking of the race ?

A : Yes a real-time monitoring is provided by GeoFp, it will be available HERE and highlighted on the homepage of the race before the start.

Q : How can we take the option SMS FOLLOW-UP ?

A : You will be able to add this option to your registration during the distribution of race bibs.

Q: What are the bank details for payment from abroad ?

A : SWIFT : BNPAFRPPTLS – IBAN : FR76 – ACCOUNT : 30004 02281 00010022937 08

Q : I have not found the answer to my question?

A : Please send us an email  HERE