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Grand Raid des Pyrénées See you in August 2024 from 21 to 25

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What will be the date for the opening for entry registration?

R : The date will be announced on the welcome page of the website

Q : Is it possible to have a cancellation insurance?

R : No – it is the participant's responsibility to insure themselves

Q : Following a cancellation due to medical reasons, when will I be reimbursed?

R : According to the event rules, at the latest 2 months after the event

Q : Is it possible to exchange an entry, if injured or unable to participate?

R : No, it is not allowed to exchange, donate or sell an entry. A request to cancel must be submitted (see below)

Q : How do I request a cancellation ?

R : Send a mail according to the terms indicated in the event rules

Q : Do I need a specific medical certificate to enter?

R : The event medical certificate is mandatory for foreign participants – It is in the registrations page

For other participants, we also recommend to use this version as certificates that do not conform will be systematically rejected.

Q : Why was my medical certificate refused?

R : Because it did not meet one or more of the required criteria, in this case you will have received an email explaining why (please check your spam)

Q : How should I send my medical certificate or copy of my license?

R : It should be scanned and uploaded Here – In case of problems, please contact us Here

Q : How can I check my medical certificate has been accepted?

R : By consulting us 

Q : How can I give somebody the authority to collect my entry?

R : You will need to fill in and sign this document, and to give it with all the required documents to the person collecting your entry

Q : How can I add an option (meal, pasta-party, eco-cup or shuttle buses) ?

R : By consulting us 

Q : What do I do if I have lost my user name and/or my password?

R : By consulting us 

Q : Can a participant change their name, username or email address from their profile

R : No, those sign-in details are unique to a profile. To modify them, you need to make a request here

Q : What is the mandatory equipment?

R : The full list is on the tab “edition” on the web page and in the event rules.

Q : How do I know if my coat meets the rules of the event?

R : Coats that have a rating of 10000 Schmerber or above are accepted whatever the make. If this information is not defined, you will need to ask the manufacturer.

Q : Will there be a live tracking option for the event (GRP summer)?

R : Yes, a live tracking will be available, it will be available on the website prior to the start of the event

Q : How do I order the option to receive text messages on the race progress (SUIVI SMS GRP été) ?

R : The SMS tracking option can be added at the time of entry or when picking up your race pack

Q : What are the bank coordinates to pay from abroad?

R : SWIFT : SOGEFRPP  – IBAN : FR76 – COMPTE : 3000 3043 4000 0500 1184 233

Q : How do I obtain proof of my entry?

R : You can download it by connecting to your profile by clicking here

Q : How to I get my finishers certificate?

R : They will be available here after the course (the link is not yet operational)

Q : You haven't found the answer to your question?

R : Please contact us here