We are an association or runners, moutain bikers and amateurs of multi sports raids and we organize sports events in Pyrenees. The MAJUSCHULE association is registered in prefecture of Toulouse under the number W313008309.

Coming from different professional horizons, we are, above all, natural and sporting passionate persons and we want to make known our region and promote the respect for our environment by making discover some of the most beautiful sites of the region, the sites that the man has the duty to protect.

For several years, we participated in numerous races in every corner of France and in Spain. We noticed that few long distance races are organized in Pyrenees today, while the mountains lend themselves to it and that several runners like to change race from one year to the next, the natural pleasure of the races being more in the discovery of new landscapes, the meetings between the participants before, hanging and after the race than in the pure sports performance.
We train together, we participated in several races organized by other associations and we wanted to give a little of our time in return to organize sports events.

Our association consists of following main members :

  • Anne-Marie : trail runner,support crew for several international adventure races (Raid in France,Bimbache Extrem,Caneo Nature), Sleepmonsters journalist for international adventure races (XPD Portugal,Adventure Racing World Championships,Abu Dhabi Adenture Challenge,Bimbache Extrem)
  • Alain : former sportsman on marathon, triathlon, raid, parachutist and maintaining paraglider
  • Alain (bis): after several years in the South Alps, came to settle down in the Hautes-Pyrénées and knows now every path, every lace and every rock of the place
  • Hugues : amateur of trails (several times UTMB, Grand Raid de la Réunion, Grand Raid du Mercantour, trail des Templiers, Citadelles and of moutain bike
  • Jean : lover of Pyrenees, came to settle down after a Tour de France of garrisons, about ten participations in Sainté-Lyon of which once with his three children
  • Michel : amateur of trails (Trail des Templiers, Citadelles, Grand Raid du Mercantour, Andorra Ultra Trail, of races of orientation and multi-sport raid
    Simon : amateur of trails, moutain bike and especially multi-sport raids, several participations in raids at the world level (Raid In France, Raid de Jouques, Moutain X-Race)