Inscriptions encore ouvertes pour quelques jours sur l'Ultra Tour 160 km

Grand Raid des Pyrénées Rendez vous du 24 au 28 août 2022

pre-briefing information


The sanitary pass will be required to access the race bibs and during the closing buffet (Sunday 22.08).
We apply the rules enacted by the government:

During the check, you will then have to produce one of the following three proofs, constituting the “health pass”:

  • vaccination (complete schedule);
  • RT-PCR or antigenic test or negative supervised self-test of less than 72 hours;
  • Positive RT-PCR or antigenic test for Covid-19 recovery at least 11 days and less than 6 months old.

All official information is here:

WARNING, for foreign runners, the sanitary pass must be in European format.



When handing over the bibs, access to the stadium area will be done with wearing the mask mandatory. The sanitary pass will be required for entry under the tent.

In the absence of a health pass, the riders will have the opportunity to be tested the day before the race bib is withdrawn in Vielle-Aure between 2 pm and 7 pm (the results will then be provided to them the next morning). For companions, there will be the possibility of doing PCR tests on Friday and Saturday afternoon from 14h to 18h.

The PCR test is free on presentation of the Carte Vitale, otherwise it is paid (cost = 50 euros for all, French or foreign).

In order to facilitate the PCR tests, we ask you to present yourself at the times indicated in the file “Bib numbers” (visible on the homepage of our website) in front of your name (penultimate column of the Excel file).

Also, to avoid too large a concentration of people when handing out the bibs, we ask you to present yourself at the times indicated in this file “Bib numbers” in front of your name (last column of the Excel file).



The wearing of the mask will be required to enter the departure airlock, in the supplies served inside and after the crossing of the finish line. A disposable mask will be provided by the organization on refueling.



To apply for a power of attorney, log on to the homepage of our website (“Powers of Attorney”), the document (to be completed and signed) is downloadable. On site, a copy of the health pass and identity card will be provided.


For any withdrawal of bib by proxy, the health pass and the identity card will then be claimed from the runner when he enters the departure hatch. The identification bracelet will be put on his wrist after presentation and verification of these documents.



This year, there is no bag control when the bibs are handed out (COVID-19 action). Also, a Statement of Honour to Carry Mandatory Materials for the entire event can be downloaded from ATTENTION, each rider must present it when removing the bibs duly completed and signed in paper format.



The stands of our Village Partenaires will be positioned around the Capital of the race (place of the race bibs removal) on the stadium of Vielle-Aure. Don't miss them… Great deals, great documentations and advice will be there!



An update of the plots has recently been completed to reflect some work underway on the routes and other Covid-19 constraints. You can view these updated tracks with the link provided on (> Menu > Runners Area > Races > choose your race > go to the bottom of the page and click on ”The race route can be viewed HERE”). We specify that the only official route on the day of the race is the one marked just before the race.



The options taken during the registration (pasta-party, Piau shuttle or end of race buffet) will be materialized by tickets printed on the bib (detachable part). WARNING, you will have to keep the tickets part and provide these tickets on site.

Your bib is equipped with a chip for detection during controls. In order to improve the detection during automatic controls, a second chip will be given to you. It is to be attached to your backpack. A leaflet explaining its fixation is available at



Errors were made on the race profiles printed on the TDC and UT220 bibs. We are sorry about that. If ever, you can find the corrected documents on the brochure “GRP 2021” to download (from 16.08) on our website.



For Piau shuttles as for departures, wearing the mask will be required.



At the entrance of the pasta party, tickets will be claimed. Accompanying persons must have a valid health pass.



For departures, wearing the mask will be required. At the start, past the line, the masks will be thrown into a dedicated and materialized area.

The organization reserves the option of wave departures (on a case-by-case basis) to be announced during the briefing. If the wave start option (about 300) was required then a first wave would leave 15 minutes before the originally scheduled time. The second one would be with the rest of the riders at the time initially planned.



After the finish line, the riders will have to put the mask back on, collect their “finisher” lot and get to the finish line outside.





This year, the GRP has a general information application (course, maps, news, agenda…): Trailaway.

The Trailaway app (free) can be downloaded here in the Google Play Store and here in the Apple Store (from 17.08).



A briefing will take place on the Place de Vielle-Aure the day before departures at 18h. For those who cannot or do not wish to be present, the information of the briefing will be communicated online in order to be known to all runners. Attention, it is imperative to consult this information before departure.



A roadbook is available for each race, to be found online on our website (> Menu > Roadbooks)



No escort will be permitted to enter the supply areas. Only one person for assistance is allowed in the peripheral area.



This information is available on our website on the homepage (Section “Where to follow the runners by car”)



This year, perhaps even more than previous years, thank you in advance for RESPECTING the work of volunteers in the field 😊



For all races, the first refueling will only include flat water.

For the riders of the Tour des Cirques; the water supply provided at the Cabane de Sardiche must be cancelled as a result of the water analysis of the source which reveals it is not potable.


For the rest beds made available in the life bases, a disposable ream will be provided for each runner. He'll have to throw it away when he gets out of bed. WARNING, this year, no coverage will be provided, so if necessary, plan something in your ‘life basics' bags.



This year, due to COVID-19 constraints, podiums will be reduced. There will be no podium by age categories, only the scratch rankings will be rewarded for the first 5 women and the first 5 men. Their organization will be as follows:

  • Thursday 19.08 at 19h ==> Podium of the Tour du Moudang on the Place de Vielle-Aure
  • Friday 20.08 at 19h ==> Podium of the Tour du Néouvielle on the Place de Vielle-Aure
  • Saturday 21.08 at 7pm ==> Podium of the Tour de la Géla in Piau
  • Sunday 22.08 at 10h ==> Podiums of the Ultra Tour 220, the Ultra Tour 160, the Tour des Cirques and the Tour des Lacs on the Place de Vielle-Aure



Given the current context, “Le P’tit Tour” for children will not take place this year. Children's races are therefore cancelled.



The Pasta Party (18h30-20h30) takes place at the Salle des Fêtes de Vielle-Aure. Upon entry, the sanitary pass will be claimed for non-coureurs.



For the end of the race buffet, the sanitary pass will be checked for all participants. This year, the buffet will be organized in the “Click & Collect” formula: lunch baskets will be collected under the marquee and can be tasted, weather permitting, on the stadium area, at the exit of the marquee. Masking will be required upon entry into the stadium area where the packed lunches will be distributed.



Notice to all GRPistes, a vaccination truck will be on the town of Vielle-Aure on Saturday 21 August afternoon and Sunday 22 August in the morning (only), it will be possible for everyone to get vaccinated.