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Grand Raid des Pyrénées See you in August 2024 from 21 to 25

Registrations 2016

You may find HERE the rules and regulations.

To register

To check your registration and to download your medical certificate

Registration for the 2016 edition of the Grand Raid des Pyrénées will be using the following procedure :

  • Entries will only be made through the website of the race. No registration by mail, by phone or by paper will be recorded.
  • WARNING IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Following the registration of the years 2014 and 2015, we decided to have the drawonly for the 80 km and spread the opening of registration on several different dates.
  • For the 160 Km, registration opens on December 15, 2015. 1000 maximum bibs. No draw.
  • For the 120 Km, registration opens on December 19, 2015. 800 maximum bibs. No draw.
  • Opening of the pre-registration for the Tour of the Lakes 80 km on the race website, December 21, 2015 : Pre- registration for the race will be available until Tuesday, January 5 8:00 p.m. During this period, each person can make his pre-registration through the online registration system. Each person must make a single pre-registration.
  • On January 8, 2016, the draw among the list of pre-registrations valid under the conditions of the Regulation. Draw 1500 pre -registration for validation ( master list ) and the remaining ones on the waiting list. People on the waiting list will be called in case of withdrawal of person on the main list. The organization has 100 entries for its needs and those of partners.
  • On January 10, 2016, opening of online payments, so that each person selected from the main list can validate its pre-registration. Payment will be authorized for a period of 7 days, ie until January 19. Persons who have not made their payment to confirm their registration during this period, will be permanently removed their pre-registration.
  • On January 20, 2016, tipping people on the waiting list in main list for each race, depending on the number of uncommitted places. These people will be permitted to pay their pre-registration to validate. Payment will be possible again for a period of 7 days.
  • Beyond a period of seven days, the same procedure will be repeated in order to integrate the main list, the following on the waiting list each race, depending on the remaining places . These iterations will end when all seats are assigned or at the latest on June 30th midnight.

No information will be sent to the individual in order to keep people informed or prevent the progress of the registration process. The information will be online on the website of the race in the registration section, and it is up to each person to keep informed by visiting the site.

To register a team :
Each runner must make a separate entry and at the time thereof, define if he/she wants to enroll in a team, the name of his team in the field reserved for this purpose. The names of the same team, with different runners , will all be spelled the same way, to be grouped in the same team. (IMPORTANT : The name of the team must start by the number of team members followed by the sign “-“. For example, for the team ‘Lions’ with four runners, the name will be : 4-Lions. This rule allows us to check consistency within the teams. During the draw, all members of a team will receive the same serial number. So when the results of the draw is issued, all team members will either get a place or will not. A team can be made up of up to 10 runners. Runners applying for different races can be in the same team.
These registrations are made online via the website of the organization and are validated on receipt of payment of the participation fee by bank transfer. The runner also undertakes to provide a medical certificate as stated above before July 20, 2016. No acknowledgment is sent, runners have to check their own registration on internet web site at www.grandraidpyrenees.com.

Entry fees :

  • Ultra : 130 euros
  • Tour des Cirques : 110 euros
  • Tour des Lacs : 90 eurosRunners registered for one of these three races cannot switch  their registration to the other races. This registration is firm and final. It is not possible to exchange a bib with a runner either registered on the other races or non-registered.

We remind you the required gear :

  • Personal cup for drinking fluids (water, cola and soup) at aid stations
  • Minimum of 1,5 liters of water
  • Enough food to last you between each feed station
  • Two lamps in good working condition with back up batteries
  • Survival Blanket
  • Whistle
  • Elastic band tape to serve as a bandage or strapping
  • Waterproof and breathable vest (windbreakers or ponchos will not be accepted)
  • Trousers or long tights with knee length socks
  • A head cap or equivalent headcovering
  • Warm clothing, long sleeves, serving as a second layer between the shirt and the waterproof and breathable jacket (eg polar or other technical clothing hot) (*)
  • Gloves covering full hands (mittens accepted) (*)(*): The organization may decide before the start of the race to make the equipment recommended and not mandatory. (Typically based on weather forecasts) The announcement will be made duringwhen the race briefing