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Grand Raid des Pyrénées See you in August 2024 from 21 to 25



The Association MAJUSCHULE  (Association law 1901 registered on 01/14/2008 at the Prefecture of Haute Garonne under the number W313008309), hereinafter referred to as the Organiser, is organizing ‘Le Grand Raid des Pyrénées' on August 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2020.


These races are open to anyone, male or female, born before December 31th 2000 (Junior to Veteran categories) either licensed or not.


Participation in the GRP events implies express and unreserved acceptance of these rules, the ethics of the event and any instructions sent by the organizer to participants.


The Grand Raid des Pyrénées consists of 5 versions :

  • Ultra : 160 km– 500 participants – max 49hr, (starting Friday at 5am) – D+ 10000 m
  • Tour des Cirques : 120 km– 800 participants – max 43hr (starting Friday at 11am) – D+ 7000 m
  • Tour des Lacs : 80 km– 1 500 participants – max 25hr (starting Saturday at 5am) – D+ 5000 m
  • Tour du Néouvielle : 40 km– 1 200 participants – max 12hr (starting Friday at 8am) – D+ 2500 m
  • Tour de la Gela : 40 km– 700 participants – max 12hr30 (starting Saturday at 6:30am) – D+ 3300

And again this year : Le P'tit Tour for children (on Friday)

The races take place individually, in a single stage at a free pace in a limited time. On each of the events, the participants must respect the highway code when the route is on public roads.


The races take place on the principle of self-sufficiency and oblige the participants to be autonomous. However, aid stations (liquids and / or solids) are distributed over all the routes. These aid stations will be indicated in the road book which will be provided by the Organisation and put online on our website.

2 base stations where a hot dish is offered are placed on the Ultra Tour route (around km 75 and km 115). The first base of the Ultra Tour, km 75, also serves as a base for the Tour des Cirques. These base stations allow participants to rest

At the aid stations, personal assistance (apart from medical or paramedical care) is allowed. This assistance must be provided within a perimeter of less than 50 meters around the aid station. A hot shower is possible on arrival at Vielle-Aure. However, it is also possible to take a cold shower at Pierrefitte.

Anyone without a race entry bib is not allowed to accompany a participant.

Registration for one of the 5 races is firm and final. Every engagement is personal. No transfer of registration is authorised for any reason whatsoever. It is not possible to exchange your bib with another participant registered on another GRP race version or not registered at all. Anyone returning his bib to a third party will be held responsible in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the latter during the event. Anyone with a bib acquired in violation of these rules will be disqualified. The bib must be fully legible during the race. The organisation declines all responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation.


The signposts for the various races are put in place in the days preceding the event. They allow participants to follow the planned route without the need for maps or descriptions.

They will be removed by race closing volunteers who will leave each of the checkpoints at the scheduled time cut-off. As a result, it is recommended that participants who want to rest, sleep by the side of the path, as the race closing volunteers may not see the participants asleep during the signage removal.


To validate their registration, each participant must upload their medical certificate to their profile, when registering or by July 10th 2020 at the latest.

To validate the registration,

foreign runners must use our model medical certificate.

It can be sent to us by email or downloaded directly.

It is important that the participants who register are aware of the difficulties of the course and the conditions they could experience (length of the course, elevation, bad weather conditions, night race …). This therefore requires on their part good physical preparation and a capacity for autonomy to ensure their success in this type of individual adventure.

REGISTRATION (terms, rights and closure)

Registration for the 2020 edition of the Grand Raid des Pyrénées will be done only through the race website. No registration by email, telephone or paper is allowed.

The runner receives a first email summarizing his registration as soon as it is validated by the payment. He also receives proof of his payment.

The runner who does not receive these 2 messages must write to the following address as soon as possible: contact@grandraidpyrenees.com

Runners whose medical certificate will not yet be validated in late May will receive a message in early June reminding them that they still have to finalize their registration. The information will be put online on the race website, in the registration section, each runner can keep informed of their file by consulting the site.

Registrations are made online via the Organization’s website and are validated when the payment of the entry fees has been made and the medical certificate has been validated.

Registrations are closed when the limits for the number of runners detailed above are reached and no later than June 30, 2020. The runner also undertakes to provide the medical certificate as indicated above, before July 12, 2020.

Each registrant can verify their registration on the website: www.grandraidpyrenees.com


From the opening of registrations until February 29 2020

ULTRA 160 km                                 160 euros

Tour des Cirques 120 km                  130 euros

Tour des Lacs 80 km                         90 euros

Tour du Néouvielle 40 km                44 euros

Tour de la Gela 40 km                       47 euros

From March 1st 2020 until April 30th 2020

ULTRA 160 km                                 176 euros

Tour des Cirques 120 km                  143 euros

Tour des Lacs 80 km                         99 euros

Tour du Néouvielle 40 km                48 euros

Tour de la Gela 40 km                       52 euros

From May 1st 2020 until June 30th 2020

ULTRA 160 km                                 194 euros

Tour des Cirques 120 km                  157 euros

Tour des Lacs 80 km                         109 euros

Tour du Néouvielle 40 km                53 euros

Tour de la Gela 40 km                       57euros

CANCELLATION OF AN ENTRY – for foreign runners

Any request for cancellation of registration must be sent no later than July 12, 2020, by email to the address contact@grandraidpyrenees.com

Until June 15, 2020, any cancellation request will be taken into account according to the reimbursement conditions indicated below.

Beyond June 15, 2020 at 12 p.m., the cancellation request will only be taken into account for the following reasons:

  • An accident, serious illness or the death of the entrant.
  • A serious illness requiring hospitalization or death affecting their spouse or known partner, ascendants or descendants in the first degree, in the thirty days preceding the event. For other causes of cancellation, proof must be provided by a certificate issued and duly signed by the competent authority.

In all cases, you must provide the original of a medical certificate attesting to the contraindication to participate in the race or a copy of the death certificate. The Organisation reserves the right to exceptionally modify these criteria for accepting a cancellation request in other cases, depending on the circumstances.

The refund of registration fees will be made according to the following rates:


Posting date of the request Percentage Amount reimbursed*
Before midnight June 15th 80 %
June 16th and afterwards 40 %
  • * Amount reimbursed is rounded up to whole euro
  • After July 12th 2020, no cancellation request will be processed. Refunds are made no later than two months after the event.


Mandatory Equipment for participants (Ultra Tour, Tour des Cirques et Tour des Lacs)

  • Personal cup for drinking liquids (water, coke and soup) at the aid stations
  • Minimum water reserve 1.5 liters
  • Food reserves
  • Two torches in good working order with spare batteries
  • Survival blanket (minimum 2 m²)
  • Whistle
  • Adhesive elastic band for bandaging or strapping
  • Waterproof and breathable jacket, membrane type or coating (at least 10000 schmerber) (KWAY type jackets or poncho not accepted)
  • Long pants or running tights or three-quarter length shorts with rising socks (This solution is accepted only if the legs can be fully covered)
  • Cap or equivalent
  • Long sleeve warm clothing, serving as a second layer between the t-shirt and the waterproof jacket (e.g. fleece or other warm technical clothing) (*)
  • gloves completely covering the hands (mittens accepted) (*)


(*): The Organiser may decide before the start of the race to make this equipment recommended and no longer mandatory (typically based on weather forecast). This announcement will be made at the time of the race briefing.

Mandatory Equipment for the Tour du Néouvielle and Tour de la Gela :

  • Personal cup for drinking liquids (water, coke and soup) at the aid stations
  • Minimum water reserve 1.5 litres
  • Food reserves
  • Survival blanket (minimum 2 m²)
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof and breathable jacket, membrane type or coating (at least 10000 schmerber) (KWAY type jackets or poncho not accepted)

Recommended Equipment (list not exhaustive)

  • Mobile telephone
  • compass, route map, roadbook
  • gloves, hat, warm clothing essential in bad weather conditions.
  • telescopic walking poles
  • change of clothes
  • suncream, vaseline or anti-rub cream

Mandatory equipment checks may be made on the course for safety reasons, according to the decision of the Organisation. Any participant called for a control is required to submit to it. In case of refusal, the participant will be disqualified.

Some participants may, depending on the decision of the Organisation, be equipped with a GPS tracking beacon (weight: approximately 200g). The participant must keep the tag on him until his arrival and return it to the Organisation. In case of abandonment, the participant will return it to the controller at the checkpoint, or report it to the Organisation at the race control center. Any refusal to carry this tag in his bag will be subject to immediate disqualification.


When collecting the race bibs, the presentation of a photo ID is required.

A check of the mandatory equipment will be done and the Organiser will prohibit any participant who does not present the compulsory equipment from starting, without possibility of reimbursement. A declaration to keep this equipment with you during the whole race and to respect the instructions for the preservation of nature and more particularly of the core area of ​​the Pyrenees National Park will be signed by each participant.

The bib is to be placed on the chest, the stomach or the leg, but imperatively on the front side of the participant, in order to be fully visible permanently during the whole race and allow easy registration by volunteers at checkpoints. The wearing of this bib on the bag or on the back of the participant is not authorised.

When the bib is returned, a welcome gift will be given to each participant.


In case of race bib collection by a delegate, the participant's identity document will be required at the start of the race.

Any request for collection by a delegate must be recorded on the document provided by the organisation and the bag of mandatory equipment must be presented in its entirety when the bib is collected.

RUNNING BAGS for l'Ultra Tour and le Tour des Cirques

When collecting the race bib, two bags with a capacity of 30 litres each are given to each participant participating in the ULTRA and one bag for the participants of the Tour des Cirques. Each bag will be identified with the bib number. After preparing their belongings, the participant must deposit his fully closed bag(s) between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the Vielle-Aure reception centre. Putting walking sticks in a bag is strictly prohibited.

The bags given to the participants (and containing the participant’s spare personal belongings) are taken from Vielle-Aure, to the 2 base stations of Ultra (km 75 and km 115) and to the base station of the Tour des Cirques 120 ( km 75).

When a participant arrives at a base station, they must imperatively collect their bag. When they leave this base, they must deposit it in the place provided by the Organisation. When the last base station is closed, the participants’ bags are returned to Vielle-Aure. They are returned on presentation of the bib, at the place of arrival of the race from Saturday at 8p.m. until Sunday at 10a.m.

The Organisation is responsible for the repatriation the bags of participants who have abandoned to Vielle-Aure. They will be made available to the participants at the same time as the other bags and can be collected there on presentation of an identity document.

As no verification of the bags will be made before departure, it is not possible to challenge the contents of the bags recovered. The Organiser disclaims all responsibility in the event of loss. It is recommended that participants do not leave any valuables in these bags.


Check points and aid stations are distributed along the route. Only participants with a visible bib will have access to the aid stations. Accompanying persons are allowed to access the aid stations of the 2 base stations only (only 1 accompanying person per participant so as not to clutter up the base stations and the aid stations). Accompanying persons are not allowed to run along the course with the participants. For reasons of race management, the person in charge of the aid station may prohibit accompanying persons from accessing the aid station (for example for reasons of available space in the aid station, if the number of participants present becomes too great).


It is forbidden to get into any vehicle for the duration of the race, even in the 50-meter zone of the refreshment and assistance stations.


The aid stations are intended to provide assistance to any person in danger with the means available to the Organisation or supporting teams.

The official doctors are empowered to disqualify (by invalidating the bib) any participant unfit to continue the event. Doctors and nurses are empowered to have participants whom they deem in danger evacuated by any means at their convenience.

If necessary, for reasons always in the interest of the person being rescued, official Mountain Rescue will be called upon, who will then take charge of operations and implement all appropriate means, including included helicopter evacuation.

A participant calling on a doctor or a nurse submits to their authority and undertakes to accept their decisions.


The maximum time for the event, for the entire course, is set at:

  • Ultra Tour : 49 hrs
  • Tour des Cirques : 43 hrs
  • Tour des Lacs : 25 hrs
  • Tour du Néouvielle : 12 hrs
  • Tour de la Gela : 12 hrs 30

The latest departure times (time barriers) of the main checkpoints will be defined and communicated in the road book. A link will be placed on the home page of our website.

These time barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish in the maximum time allowed, while making possible stops (rest, meals …). To be authorised to continue the event, the participants must leave the checkpoint before the time limit set. For some checkpoints, a time barrier is also set up at the entrance to the checkpoint (see roadbook).

Any participant excluded from the race will have their bib removed and will not be allowed to continue their course. If, despite everything, the person decides to continue hiking, he does so on his own responsibility.


In case of abandonment, a participant must obligatorily notify the person in charge of the nearest checkpoint and return their bib there. The person responsible for the checkpoint permanently invalidates the bib by recovering it.

Shuttles are set up to pick up participants who have abandoned at checkpoints with time barriers.

Participants who abandon at a checkpoint or aid station and whose state of health does not require an emergency evacuation must by their own means go to a repatriation point as soon as possible and at the latest before the departure of the last repatriation. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, the participant relinquishes their responsibility towards the Organiser.


By registering for one of the 6 races, the runners agree to:

  • Respect the environment
  • Follow the course without cutting the trails
  • Do not use transportation
  • Do not throw rubbish on the course
  • Register at all checkpoints
  • Wear the bib on their front and visible during the entire event
  • Carry the compulsory equipment with them during the whole event
  • Assist any participant in difficulty
  • Be examined by a doctor and respect their decision
  • Be respectful to everyone on the course

Failure to comply with any of these rules by a participant may result in immediate disqualification or the application of a penalty, after a decision by the jury for the event, without any possibility of appealing this penalty.


Any participant may be subjected to a doping control before, during or at the finish of the event. In the event of refusal or abstention, the participant will be sanctioned in the same way as if he were convinced of doping.


The race jury is composed by:

  • The Organising Committee
  • The medical team present on the race
  • The persons in charge of the relevant check points

Appeals are accepted in writing within 30 minutes of the posting of the provisional rankings.


For safety reasons, in particular in the event of extreme weather conditions, the Organiser reserves the right to delay the start of the races by up to 4 hours, to stop the races or to modify the routes and the time barriers, even to cancel the races without notice, without the participants being able to claim any compensation or reimbursement of the registration fees.

In the event of force majeure or an administrative decision forcing the Organiser to cancel the event, only part of the registration fees actually collected may be reimbursed according to the budget remaining after having covered all the costs already incurred by the Organiser.

The reimbursement terms will, in this case, be explained on the race website.


In accordance with current legislation, the Organiser has taken out insurance covering the financial consequences of its civil liability, that of its volunteers and that of all participants in the event. With regard to the civil liability of the participants themselves, the above-mentioned insurance policy will only cover accidents caused to third parties by the participants during the event.

Licensed participants benefit from the guarantees granted by the insurance linked to their license and it is the responsibility of other participants to take out personal insurance.

Consequently, participants are strongly advised to take out individual accident insurance covering their own risks. This type of insurance can, for example, be taken out with the French Athletics Federation.

In case of abandonment or disqualification (by the Organisation or the medical team) the responsibility of the Organisation is released.


By registering for one of the Grand Raid des Pyrenees, participants agree to respect the environment and the natural areas that they will cross.

In particular :

  • The runners must not deviate from the path marked by the organisation,
  • They should not cut the zig-zags,
  • They must respect the environment crossed
  • They should not throw their rubbish on the ground,
  • They must transport their rubbish to the next aid station located in a building
  • They should not make noise that could disturb wildlife
  • No disposable and non-biodegradable plates and cutlery will be supplied at the aid stations. Eco-cups will therefore be compulsory for cold or hot liquids.


For the 5 races, only the participants arriving at Vielle-Aure and at Piau Engaly) will be classified and for each race a general classification for men and women will be established.

The age categories will have a separate classification for the different events (Juniors, Seniors, Veteran 1, Veteran 2 and Veteran 3). The first 3 in each category will receive prizes.


All participants expressly renounce their image rights during the event, as they renounce any recourse against the Organiser and its approved partners for the use made of their image.

They authorise the Organiser to take, reproduce and communicate to the public photographs taken within the framework of the 2020 edition of the Great Raid des Pyrenees. The photographs and films may be exploited and used directly by the Association MAJUSCHULE and by its approved partners, in any form and any medium known and unknown to date, worldwide, without limitation of duration, in full or in extracts.

The Association expressly refrains from a use of the photographs likely to infringe private life or reputation, or any other harmful exploitation.


According to the Data Protection Act of August 6, 1978 (French law), and in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD UE 2016/679), any competitor has the right to access and to correct data concerning them.

The data is collected as part of a registration for one of the GRP races, for the needs of the Organisation, and in particular that of individually identifying each competitor in order to communicate to him before, during or after the event information related to their participation.

The entirety of the participant’s data is kept for a period of 10 years, renewable with each registration, corresponding to the legal period of conservation of the medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of athletics or running in competition, or sports license. Beyond these 10 years, and unless express authorisation of the participant, all data is deleted except name, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality to maintain the rankings.

Any participant can have access to personal data concerning them via their account.

Any request to modify data can be made:

  • By letter to the following address:

Association Majuschule – GRP

63 rue Bellecombe

69006 – LYON

  • By email to the following address: contact@grandraidpyrenees.com
  • Any request for access or modification of personal data will be processed as soon as possible after receipt of the request and within a maximum of 1 month.