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Grand Raid des Pyrénées See you in August 2024 from 21 to 25

The Majuschule Association

Coming from diverse professional backgrounds but united by our tastes of runners, mountain bikers, multi-sport raiders, hikers, skiers or marathoners, we have been organizing for over a decade now the GRAND RAID DES PYRENEES.

Passionate about sports and nature, we wanted to discover, promote and promote our region through the most beautiful sites in the region in the respect of our environment and with the concern, always, to preserve them.

The majority of us have participated in many races all over France, Spain and elsewhere. We noticed that few long-distance races were organized in the Pyrenees, while the terrain lends itself wonderfully and it is well known that riders like to discover new landscapes, meet other riders (before, during and even after) and especially new “playgrounds”.

The MAJUSCHULE Association is registered at the Prefecture of Toulouse under number W313008309.

The permanent members of the Association are :

Ange : passionate about flora and fauna, runner relations, website management, paper mail and e-mail.
Patricia : Great passionate about montain, especially the Pyrenees, discovered the GRP by chance and fall in love with; helping with logistics on the “vallée des Gaves”
Hugues : amateur of trails (several times UTMB, Grand Raid of Reunion, Raid of Mercantour, trail of Templars, Citadels) and VTT.
Michel : amateur of trails (Trail Templars, Citadels, Mercantour Raid, Andorra Ultra Trail), orientation races and multi-sport raid.
Simon : amateur trail, mountain bike and especially multi-sport raids, a recent participation in the legendary GRR and several participations in raids at the world level (Raid In France, X-Race Moutain, Raid Bimbache).
François : amateur trail and hiking in the mountains. Participates in the logistics of the GRP.
Christine : particularly fond of the Andean ice peaks (and skiing) but also hiking (and be doubled by trailers) – anticipates and also participates in logistics during the events of the GRP.
Denis : tireless traveler, practice as soon as possible the winter hike on the 5 continents (Nepali summits, Andean cordillera, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran …………… .. Coordinator and responsible for the logistics of the departures / arrivals site at Vielle Aure upstream and during the GRP winter and summer events.