Grand Raid des Pyrénées 18 au 22 août 2021

Tour du Neouvielle

Warning: the course has many parts on mountain trail where it is not easy to run, especially in the area of Néouvielle.
Mandatory Equipment for participants

– Personal cup for drinking liquids (water, coca and soup) at the aid stations
– Minimum water reserve 1 liters
– food reserve
– survival blanket (minimum 2 m²)
– whistle
– waterproof and breathable jacket, membrane type or coating (at least 10000 schmerber) (jacket KWAY type or poncho not accepted)

Supply composition

At Merlans restaurant: oranges, bananas, bread, cheese, ham, sausage, dried fruits, cakes, cakes, chocolate in tablet, still water, sparkling water, coke, tea, coffee and soup

Barrières horaires/ Cut-off time /Barreras del tiempo


The file of the kilometers and height differences is HERE.

The course layout is viewable HERE.