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Grand Raid des Pyrénées See you in August 2024 from 21 to 25

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are registrations open?

A: The announcement is made on the home page of our site, generally at the end of the year.


Q: Is it possible to take out cancellation insurance?

A: yes – for those who want it, it is offered when registering and you absolutely have to make your choice at that time

Warning : Once the registration has been validated, it will no longer be possible to do so.


Q: Is it possible to obtain a derogation from the race regulations for the reference races required for the Ultra 160 solo, the Tour des Cirques and the Tour des Lacs?

A: no – no derogation is possible – See: Race rules 


Q: Is it possible to exchange your bib, in case of injury or impediment?

A: No, it is not allowed to exchange, give away or resell your bib.

A cancellation and refund request must be made to the cancellation insurance taken out at registration, the one offered at registration or another chosen by the runner.


Q: Is a specific medical certificate required for registration?

A: Yes – Our model medical certificate is compulsory for foreign runners.


Q: Why was my medical certificate refused?

A: it does not meet one or other of the criteria requested, and in this case you will receive an email sent from our service provider’s platform (check your spam)


Q: How do I send my medical certificate ?

A: you have to scan it then upload it to your file – the link is on the home page as soon as registration opens –

PLEASE NOTE: you must carefully keep the registration code sent to you by email when you register.

WARNING : no sending by mail or email is processed. In case of particular difficulty, contact HERE


Q: How to check that the medical certificate has been taken into account?

A: by consulting the list of registrants or your personal file (the necessary link is on the site under the “runner’s space” tab “Registration” page)


Q: How do I give power of attorney to pick up my bib?

A: directly on the registration platform when you register by completing the ” procuration – power of attorney” document


Q: How do I add an option (meal, pasta-party, eco-cup or shuttles)?

A: by logging into your registration file before the deadline (see the race rules)


Q: What to do if you have misplaced your registration code

A: Go to the list of registrants – find their name – click on the envelope to the right of the name – fill in the email address used during registration – request the sending of the registration confirmation message that had been sent when registering.


Q: Can a runner change their last name, first name, date of birth, username and email address in their profile?

A: No, these parameters are the unique identifiers of a profile. To modify them, it will be necessary to make the request HERE


Q: What equipment is required?

A: the complete list is in the race regulations under the “runner’s area” tab.


Q: How do I know if my jacket complies with the regulations?

A: As stated in the race rules, jackets with specs of 10000 Schmerber and above are ok regardless of model. If the information is not in the data sheet, you should ask your dealer.


Q: What’s on the Supply Drops?

A: the composition of the supplies for each race is shown under the “runner’s space” menu in the description of the chosen race


Q: Is there real-time tracking of the race?

A: Yes, real-time monitoring is provided, it is set up on the homepage before the start of the race


Q: How do I take the SMS FOLLOW-UP option?

A: The SMS follow-up will be added to the registration when collecting the bibs or before 


Q: What are the bank details for paying from abroad?

A: SWIFT: SOGEFRPP – IBAN: FR76 – ACCOUNT: 3000 3043 4000 0500 1184 233


Q: How do I get my registration certificate?

A: It is sent to you by email when you register – you can request it again by logging into your file using the code you received when you registered


Q: How do I get an invoice?

A: By sending a request by email HERE


Q: Didn’t find the answer to your question?

A: Please email us HERE